Export&Import Tracking Code Matomo tables

(RS) #1

Hi all!

I am fairly new to Piwik/Matomo. My task is to move our Piwik to another server. It is not important to keep the historical tracking data. As we have many websites i want to use the same tracking code that was used until now to track the websites on our new server?

Is there a way to export&import tracking code?

Or another approach: which tables do i have to export from phpmyadmin to set up a piwik with the same settings on a new server? I dont want to export&import the complete dataset as it is more than 13gb big, also dont want to change the tracking code if possible.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


I’d recommend you to simply export all tables. If you really don’t care about the data, you can leave out the piwik_archive_blob_* tables as they contain the aggregated reports.
In theory you should also be able to empty the piwik_log tables which contain the raw list of visits, but I can’t promise it will work.

Best is to try it out on a staging server.