Export and Import in Matomo WP Plugin

Dear Matomo Team,

I am a happy user of the WP Plugin and some Premium Extensions. I would like to ask you a question, which I couldn’t answer using forums and clicking around.

How can I export (and import) all data from Matomo WP Plugin? Here is the reason why I would need such functionality:

I have a development environment where I work on the new features of the website (WP Engine, for reference). When I am ready to push the new version to production, obviously, I overwrite the collected data in Matomo with older data. What happens, is that I always lose all statistics the plugin has collected while I was working in the development version.

Would you please share with me how could I solve this, please?

Probably, that import/export button is in front of my nose, but I don’t see it.

Thank you so much for any reply.

Best Regards,