Export and Import data


my website is at the server of a friend. Prior to that i had normal webspace and used piwik to log my statistics. Now we will put all websites into one piwik installation. How can I export my piwik data and import it into the piwik of my friend.


It’s not possible, I have ask this feature.

It is not a native feature of Piwik (at least so far), but it is very possible. Basically, you need to merge together the SQL dump information of each of the old Piwik-databases (making sure nothing conflicts), then import all the merged data into your new Piwik-database. I did this when going from version 1 to 1.1, and the only “difficulty” was that Piwik had to update the database structure somewhat (done automatically), and since the login information is stored in the config-file, you will be able to log in directly afterwards (you might need to update tokens/sites I think, but I had no problem doing it).