Experiments, A/B tests, multivariate tests

tracking goals is a great thing.

But what makes a visitor klick on a link or download a file? What lets him subscribe to the newsletter?

Google blends its analytics with Benefits of Experiments - Analytics Help to answer that questions.
It would be great to have such a feature blended with Piwik.

Or am I looking at the wrong place? I searched for A/B, multivatiate, tests on the Piwik website and didn’t find anything.

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http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/459 - previously suggested but marked as “wontfix” because this is not planned for Piwik core; we may revisit this post-1.0, but in the meantime, anyone interested is welcome to contribute code (e.g., third-party plugin) that does this.

Note to self:

it should be possible to store actual test parameters from test modules with Piwik. From the dokumentation piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/:
var user = { ‘userId’ : user_id };
piwikTracker.setCustomData( user );
(Testing needs at least two parameters: test name and actual parameter for each variate)

Using a test module like Multivariate | Drupal.org, take parameters from multivariate to fill the Piwik parameters.

I haven’t done this yet and I don’t know if I can view this parameters in a meaningful way together with goals.


FWIW, I second this request. A/B and Multivariate testing would be really useful.

I do a helluva lot of split testing on a variety of web projects and this is definitely a feature I would be interested in. Any progress on it? These forums seem to be a little light on members…

Is it possible to donate funds towards a feature like this? Any estimate on what it would cost?

You can always contribute something to the project: piwik.org/contribute/

It would be awesome to have A/B test in Piwik since there is not very much tools to do this test. Google experiments let me down with errors so I can’t use it (I always get 403 error - see here for more info)).
visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/ and www.optimizely.com/ are very expensive alternatives since I have a lot of visitors.
So I am still searching for good GA split testing alternative and I hope Piwik will become one ;]

I also believe this would be powerful feature for Piwik. Here is a great free script for a/b testing. It works with Google Analytics, but I don’t believe it’s set up to run with Piwk:


Do you (all) think AB tests could be run using “custom variables” in Piwik 2.x ?


We have released a plugin that works on top of Piwik to run A/B Tests, Split Tests, Experiments see http://www.ab-tests.net/ . A full list of features is mentioned on the Marketplace at https://plugins.piwik.org/AbTesting

It lets you easily run experiments on websites, servers, apps and in campaigns and has lots of features to customize your experiment and to define your success and your expectations for an experiment to increases your sales, revenue, conversions, pageviews, and more.

More docs are available at: User Guides, FAQ, Developer docs