Experiences with Piwik and websites on different servers (with access logs)

With my web development company we are investigating whether Piwik is a good alternative to GA for us. In The Netherlands we are not allowed to use 3rd party tracking cookies anymore and would like to switch to Piwik access log tracking.

We have a policy on our VPS with production sites that no 3rd party software will be used. That includes Piwik. We would like to install Piwik on a separate VPS we use for other stuff too. It means on VPS #1 we have website A and B and the access logs of nginx. On VPS #2 we have a Piwik installation.

I have a few questions about this setup:
[li] Is it recommended to place the Piwik database on VPS #1 or #2?
[/li][li] Does anyone have experience in this setup?
[/li][li] How would this relate to the API access? We want to show statistics on the dasboard of every admin interface of every site.
[/li][li] We can let the python cron run on the VPS #1, but if the database will be on VPS #2, we can have the script running on VPS #2 as well, where it will pull the access logs from. I don’t think that is a good solution since you have to ssh from one to another server, but the python script will be maintained by the Piwik install already present on VPS #2

Are there other concerns I might have missed at this moment?

bump. Sorry for kicking, but has nobody have this setup tried?

Yes we have tried similar things, we can help you but since this is non trivial please contact Piwik experts at: http://piwik.org/consulting/