Expanded Data Tables


If anybody ran into this before, I would like to have the Datatables expanded view and not have the footer icon hidden as default. Its quite nice feature to having been displayed always.


@prabhushrestha if you change to show the footer icons then it will be remembered so you don’t have to click again. does it work for you?

@matt, Thanks for the quick reply. I am using that anyways but having to explain all the other non-technical users that the icons are hidden and is visible by clicking on the footer drawer. It would be really good if there was a option such that footer icons are always visble by default. And only use the drawer icon to hide it if they really wanted to.

Likewise for expanded table views ?? Those informations are relevant to my clients, so its very unlikely that they would refer to Piwik documentation everytime. If you understand what I mean. You have a great Analytics platform and insights data which I would prefer to display them rather than having it hidden in the first place.


Ok thanks for the suggestion to make this a new setting to “expand” the footer by default. Can you create a ticket for this suggestion in Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub ?

Thanks @matt. I’ll do that soon. Cheers.