Expand the live function

I love PIWIK. I am currently using it and the only reason that I still have Google analytics installed on my forum also is because of the Live feature. As much as I hate to say it, the live feature really lacks alot on PIWIK.

For example, Google Analytics has a really large number that says how many people is currently on (of course it is automatically updated).

Another thing I really like about PIWIK is the visitor log. Since I have a small site I watch the visitor log more than anything. I really don’t even look at the dashboard. Just the visitor log. It would be great if that could become Live also.

And another thing. Please expand the location to at least state and not just country. It drives me crazy that I cant see where they are really from. I have tried the GeoIP plugin and it is outdated and no longer works. I wish PIWIK would include these kind of things and not just make it third party.

If this is meant to be something that replaces Google analytics, I would think you would want to include its features.

The main 2 reasons i switched to PIWIK:

  • It is more live and up-to-date that Google (However I have to hit F5 ALL the time)
  • Because Google knows enough about me already (too much power!)