Exit pages in custom reports


I have created a custom reports for outlinks for every page on my webpage, for example I can see which outlinks the user have clicked on the home page. The dimensions I have chosen:
Landing Page URL
Clicked outlink

The variables I have chosen:
Unique clicked outlinks

I want to create the same report for exit pages for every web page. But I can’t find the metric exit pages under dimensions and then under variables.


Just to make sure: Are you talking about the Custom Dimensions premium plugin?

No, Im talking about the plugin custom reports.


I’m sorry, I mixed up the word.
I’m forwarding your message to the premium plugin support.

Hi Niklas,

Do you have the following dimensions?



Yes, I have. But this set up will cover all pages right? Both pages within the same url and those pages that goes to other URL:s?

You can apply a filter at the bottom of the custom report to narrow down the results.

I get it. It is a strange translation to Swedish. Under dimensions Matomo have translated exit pages to utgångssidor which Is correct. But then under metrics Matomo have translated it to avvisningssida which is confusing. It is the same names in English: exit page and unique exit page url.