Exit Page Titles showing no data for most segments, incorrectly errors that segment does not exist

I am having an issue where most of my segments are showing no data for Exit Page Titles. I am seeing data for Exit Pages. I have tried segments based on action url and page url and am getting the same result. The Actions.getExitPageTitles api call yields the following error,

{“result”:“error”,“message”:“The Segment you requested has not yet been created in the Segment Editor and so the report data has not been pre-processed. To see data for this segment, you must go to Matomo and create this segment manually in the Segment Editor. (Alternatively, you can create a new segment programatically using the SegmentEditor.add API method). Once created the segment in the editor (or via API), this error message will disappear and within a few hours you will see your segmented report data, after the segment data has been pre-processed. (If it does not, there may be a problem.) Please note that you can test whether your segment will work without having to wait for it to be processed by using the Live.getLastVisitsDetails API. When using this API method, you will see which users and actions were matched by your &segment= parameter. This can help you confirm your Segment matches the users and actions you expect it to.”}

but the segment definitely exists and it appears that all of the other data has been correctly processed. What can be done to fix this error?

Thank you for your help

Are there any more details I can provide or some place I can look to resolve this issue? This has been occurring since at least 3.11.0 but still happens after upgrading to 3.14.0

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