Executing ALTER TABLE... Done. [1616 / 1244]


  • We just performed a Matomo database upgrade from version 2.8.3 to the new version 3.7.0:

    “Matomo database will be upgraded from version 2.8.3 to the new version 3.7.0.”

  • The upgrade appeared to end successfully; however, the line prior to the “…successfully updated!” message concerns us due to the number-of-steps-performed [1616] being more than the total-number-of steps-to-perform [1244]???

    Executing ALTER TABLE piwik_log_link_visit_action ADD COLUMN idpageview CHAR(6) NULL DEFAULT NULL, ADD COLUMN interaction_position SMALLINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, MODIFY COLUMN time_spent_ref_action INTEGER(10) UNSIGNED NULL;… Done. [1616 / 1244]

                               Matomo has been successfully updated!
  • So far, the Matomo 3.7.0 application appears to be fine, and we continue to test, but, we wanted to see if anyone else experienced this anomaly, and if so, what was the cause, and is it a concern/problem?

Thank You in advance!