Excluding Entire Columns from .tsv export

When I export a .tsv (excel) file from the visitor log, it lists more columns and information than I need. Could someone please guide me to excluding certain columns and data when a file is exported in .tsv format. For instance, I don’t want ‘visitorId’ in the sheet. Please tell me what needs to be edited to customize the data in the exported file.

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

it’s not possible to select columns to return yet

Has there been an update on customising the exports?
I would also like a different format for the visitor-log… maybe with an API call? If that is possible I could use a hint on where to look this up.

As far as I understand the visitor-log which is displayed in the admin interface, it’s from the plugin module=Live&action=getVisitorLog, maybe there is a way to change the output from that? (I would be glad to just have what is shown on the visitor-log page in an csv-file.)

It is now possible to select some columns via &columns=column1,column2 or hide columns via &hideColumns=c1,c2

Hi Matt, thank you very much for your reply, but I’m not sure how to use this new information… is there an Update that can be installed (I have the 1.12 on my server, which is the same version offered on the piwik download page)?

When I edit my export link which I’m using at the moment like so:


The export looks the same: all of the columns are still in the TSV.

try &hideColumns= instead of &hide=

Thanks again for your reply Matt, and I’m really enbarrased for my stupid copy&paste mistake.

Is there a documentation of the columns that can be exported? I don’t understand why I could “select some columns via &columns=column1,column2” since, as far as I can see, always all of the columns are exported and I can only hide the ones from which I know the names of. Also I can only seem to hide the whole actionDetails and not just some if those columns (like pageIdAction, generationTime and icon).