Exclude your visits using a cookie

(cableghost) #1

I notice the exclude cookie gets dumped from my system often. I’m sure it’s Firefox or my system purging the cookies, I’m not certain of the cookie name or how to protect it.

Is there a means to ‘protect’ the cookie from being deleted?


(Eukaryota) #2

Hi Scott,

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No, actually there isn’t a way to ‘protect’ cookies from being deleted by browser or system.

This would be kind of marking an email with ‘ignore spam filter’…

You’re using FF?

Go to Extras -> Settings -> Privacy.
Check Accept Cookies.
Open Show Cookies and search for your website. This is how the cookie looks like.
Open Exception and insert your website.

(I’m using FF in German, so maybe some buttons names are wrong translated…)

If the cookies are deleted anyway, maybe you’re surfing in privacy mode?

Kind regards

(Karlsson) #3

I´m using the addon CookieCuller for Firefox. With this you can prevent cookies from deleting.

(cableghost) #4

@Eukaryota - I actually had opened that section, but could not see my hosted site or the piwik cookie

@Karlsson - I have installed it and ‘Protected’ my site…hope it works.