Exclude visitors from their user agent

Hi, I use Yottaa to monitor my websites, but their bots appear in the statistics.
While they don’t provide a list of ip’s (“because our bots come from all over the world and there’s no set block of addresses you could use” ), they suggest to exclude the bits from their user-agent “YottaaMonitor”.
Is this feature already available or, will you implement this any day ?

Not possible currently, but we could easily add such functionnality via the config file. Please create a ticket in trac: dev.piwik.org

Please try running Piwik. If the Yotta bots don’t run JavaScript, they’ll be excluded by the default tracking code.

Thanks for the answers !
@matt : I created the following ticket : Exclude Visitors matching User Agent across all websites · Issue #2375 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
@Anthon : I already use piwik, but the Yottaa bots use Javascript while they use a browser to track the websites.

I hope this feature will come soon.

Maybe my new plugin can help here.

Take a look at this thread: