Exclude url segment does not work

I am configuring a segment as follows :
actionUrl does not contain /ae/
However when I go to the Pages report, I can still see all the pages with /ae/.


This is expected as the segments are applied to visits (so you now only see visitors that at one time accessed a page that contains /ae/.

You can see here for more information and workarounds:

I don’t think that this is the expected behavior as I am excluding all visits to /ae/ and when I am applying the segment, I still see pages with /ae/ in the Pages report. It is weird, because when I try to see the visitor log for those visitors who had a visit to /ae/ pages within this segment, Matomo says that these visits do not belong to this segment and doesn’t show their visitor log. So in conclusion, the /ae/ pages appear in Pages report even though the segment is excluding those pages.