Exclude subdomain traffic

Hi, I somehow cannot exclude traffic to a subdomain from the main domain’s reporting… I tried to set Matomo to accept traffic from main domain only, but then I didnt see any traffic at all in Matoma… any idea how I can exclude subdomain tarffic ? Am confused why it is listed anyway? It should go to its own Matomo account … thx Dan


Of course you could adapt the tracking code on the subdomain, so that it doesn’t point to the main site ID.

But the setting you mention should also fix the issue. Can you check if the main domain is writting correctly there?

Hi Lukas,

thank you so much… that was very helpful… didn’t even think of checking IF I ahd the same code on the subdomain, that thought never occured to me… :thinking: … that would explain why no setting did stop it from showing as traffic to main domain
I guess it’s solved now…
If not will be back
thank you so much!!


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