Exclude specific and non-parameterized URLs



I have realized that some of the pages displayed in Actions > Pages are actually run from my local WAMP installation. How do I know that? Because my website at http://waavsolutions.com/ is mapped locally to an alias so that


displays locally as

“Locally served” pages show up in the “Page URL” column as “waav”.

Seeing them in my web analytics seems odd, especially when the first precaution I took was to install the Piwik ignore cookie on all my browsers. Now I wonder whether these local pages are included in the statistics or not, which, on an ultra-low traffic website like mine, would quickly make all calculations off.

I haven’t been able to find a way to tell Piwik that URLs with “waav/” should be ignored. All documentation items I’ve found deal only with excluding parameters, not URLs. So in case someone knows whether what I’m trying to do is feasible and how to do it, please share the info.

What I’m trying to do is to not take into account pages that are served locally although they contain the JavaScript tracking code.