Exclude my own client from stats?

i have been searching for a way to ensure that the IP from which the piwik tracking UI interface is accessed is excluded from the statistics. e.g. i am the only person accessing the tracking UI and i move around the planet with my laptop, thus changing IPs regularly. i do not want my own visits to the site to be included in the stats, so an option to somehow stop the stats including my own visits would be helpful.

in thinking about how this could be done, i am aware that really there is a need for an identifier to be created on my pc, to exclude only my visits, most likely a cookie.

i found this thread which is related but not entirely the same topic:

any comments on this being added to core?

Doesn’t the existing “Ignore my visits” option work for you?

Log into Piwik with your Superuser login credentials. At the top right of the screen (in the menu bar), click on “Settings”. This should open the default tab, “User settings”.

Near the bottom of the screen, you should see the heading, “Exclude your visits using a cookie”. Click on the link below that to have Piwik send your browser a cookie or to delete that cookie.

Note that this feature is specific to the browser you’re currently using. If you use several different browsers (like I do), you’ll have to repeat this procedure for each of your browsers.

aha, thanks, i did not see that hyperlink previously as i have a laptop screen and it was rendered underneath vertical height of the screen.
(under the ‘save’ button). so yes, that feature is what is was looking for.