Exclude bot traffic by provider

I am running into a lot of bot type traffic that hits a homepage.

  • It resembles a regular web visitor so I cannot exclude by user agent.
  • The IP addresses are always different so I cannot exclude by ip/subnet/range.

I use the provider plugin and can see that the majority of the traffic comes from specific providers like: “M247 Ltd.”, “leaseweb-usa-nyc”, “leaseweb-usa-lax-11”, and a host of other providers starting with leaseweb.

Is there a way to exclude by provider instead of IP address? I would be interested in any suggestions/recommendations.

I have been attempting to build a segment that excludes the different providers but that seems sort of clunky. (About 30 exclusions currently). I also have to replicate that list across each segment that I would like to create so it doesn’t contain that traffic.

You can suggest this feature at the Matomo GitHub repo:

Maybe more exclusion filters whould be nice. I have the problem, that i have spam traffic from “Ashburn” but changing IP, User-Agent and Provider.