Exclude all url query parameters except some specific ones

I am trying to exclude all url query parameters except 2 ( assistant and returnUrl).
I am using a negative lookahead expression /^(?!assistant|returnUrl).*$/
in measurable --> manage --> Excluded parameters. but I am getting all the URL query parameters. Are there any other ways to achieve this?


If the core Matomo features can’t do this, there are two alternatives to do this yourself:

  • While tracking write JS that rewrites the URL to remove those URL parameters and then call _paq.push(['setCustomUrl', yoururl]); with the fixed URL
  • Write a custom tracking plugin for Matomo that rewrites the URL server-side

OK Thanks! So just to confirm, the core Matomo features only allow to exclude parameters. I didn’t know if matomo’s backend engine for regex accepted lookahead expressions. And if a negative lookahead in the case of excluded parameters will have its opposite usual behavior as it is set in the excluded query parameters. I wanted to say exclude all url query parameters except these two.