Excessive growth of an piwik_archive_blob_ table

We upgraded our Piwik-Servers from v3.5 to v3.13.5 about a month ago. What we are now seeing is one piwik_archive_blob_table that keeps growing and growing.

The table piwik_archive_blob_2020_01 has already 170 GB while all the others are below 10 GB (see attached screenshot).

Do you have any suggestions what might be causing this table to grow so large and how we might get it down to a reasonable size again?


I think that issue was only fully solved in 3.13.6 with

So it took a while for us to do the upgrade, but I wanted to document what we did and how the results are so far.

First thing we did was upgrade Matomo to 3.14 where the issue above should be fixed. As expected, that alone did not solve the problem. Then I ran the following commands:

./console core:purge-old-archive-data january
./console database:optimize-archive-tables january

That reduced the table piwik_archive_blob_2020_01 to ~ 9GB where it has roughly stayed for two weeks now. So atm. I am cautiously optimistic that the issue is solved.