Exception: Address unavailable - Export to Google Sheet suddenly broken

I have a Google Sheet with an ‘Apps Scrip’ that pulls in data from Matomo every morning. After over a year without issues, on September 8 this stopped working.

The URI for the import looks like this:


When I use my browser to visit that URI, I get the XML file that I expect. The Apps Script can import data from other websites. However, the Google Apps Script Execution log shows for URIs to my Matomo instance:

Error Exception: Address unavailable: [the URI]

Apparently Matomo’s CSV export is working as it should, but I suspect that it blocks the request for some reason. I don’t know what the reason would be though. I haven’t changed the Matomo settings in weeks and although I exclude some agents from tracking, there are no entries under Brute Force Log > Blocked IPs.

Does anyone have a clue here?

This resolved itself after a few days :woman_shrugging: