Evolution for Page Titles

(Luiz Borges) #1

Hi there,
Since I separate my pages in categories using setDocumentTitle, I would like get an evolution graph like the visitor overview but with each of the page titles.

I tried to look around to make a plugin but the code is confusing (to me), and I didn’t find documentation about how to go after that. I guess that I need to use the Action module getPageTitles, but after looking at the code I’m still at lost. I still don’t know how it gets the period information to make the graphs, etc.

Any help here?

Luiz Borges


hm, i am looking for the same thing, any ideas someone?


Sorry i can’t answer you but i have another Page Title comment :

The docs on the site always use the " / " char to separate pages, categories.

I’m using the char " | " in the piwik config file.

I propose that there would be a king of variable or constant awailable in the tracker code that would containt the char defined in the piwik config.

Or, we could also update the site definition so each site would have a different separator value.

Rethinking about it, i’m not sure that Piwik can inform the JS tracker code about this… sorry.
(Also, sorry to highjack the topic.)