Every visit being duplicated

In our Matomo installation on a new site, every visit is being counted twice.
The original visit is to:
… and the duplicate visit is to:

The site is running Ghost Version 3.35.5
Matomo version: 4.1.1
MySQL version: 5.6.49
PHP version: 7.2.34
This duplication is on most or all visits, not just a few. I don’t know why it is happening or how to prevent it. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Can you check if you don’t accidently have added the tracking code twice to the website?

Hi Lucas,

This was resolved by removing the “Image Tracking Link” code snippet, and instead selecting “Track users with JavaScript disabled” in the main JavaScript Tracking code, which appends a noscript code snippet to the main tag.

The Ghost platform on my website provides two “Code Injection” windows: one for the head and one for the foot of each page. I had originally placed the Matomo Image Tracker snippet in the footer area. However, I did not enclose it in noscript tags. Not sure if that was the problem.

After monitoring 12 hours of traffic, I can see that there are no duplications now.


  • Patrick.
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