Every change in container is immediately "live"

I’ve been working with Tag Manager in many installations for years, but I’ve never seen this behavior:

Any change I make to tags, triggers or variables in the container is published to the web page immediately after it is saved in the container.

However, I have not published a version of the container. On the contrary, only one version (the auto generated version) has been created so far.

I see in the browser in the network tools that every change I make immediately changes the container_*.js file.

Has anyone seen this before and has an explanation? Matomo 4.15.1

Regards Udo

Hi @utrautma
Didn’t you change anything in the container version naming for example? Are you sure there is still a live version?

Hi @heurteph-ei ,

I investigated this further. I initially suspected that my Matomo user, who only had write permissions but was also allowed to edit custom HTML in the Tag Manager - but was not allowed to publish the container, was a special constellation that led to the error. But I couldn’t recreate this in another setup.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t investigate this further because my customer is no longer allowed to grant me access rights.

The strange thing is what you see in the following screenshot:
officially there is only one version. But if you look at the title at the top of the browser, there is written about 60 versions.

Hi @utrautma
On my installation, I don’t get a number of versions in the page title when viewing the versions list page… Just « Versions ». The « 60 »: Isn’t it a WhiteLabel (premium plugin) option?
In your screenshot, no version has been published (but draft seems to be in preview mode).