Events per page

I need to know events that happens on a page and/or pages, on which an event occures. On GA i can do secondary dimension, but with piwik i can’t do it or i do not know, how to do it. Event does not contain page URL, it just happen on some URL and i doubt, that piwik “knows” what url it is

While sending an event, you can specify the category, name, action and value. Try to use one of these fields to store events. Alternatively, you can use custom dimensions feature to store the data but then it will be a little bit harder to have a nice visualization.

Thank you for your response. of course i will specify event category, its name, action and value. But there is no field for page, where event ocurs. I can “hack” and use e.g. category for storing page URL, but it not “nice and clear” - i would be using something for something else, there would be no connection from the real URL in its proper placement to the URL in the wrong field, so all other stats would have to be hacked.

@matthieu: I got the same question as Tomas - could you give us a short note to that? As far as I can see there is no connection between events and the pages on which the event had been triggered - at least not in the reporting GUI or the repoting API.

I do have the exactly same request. I would like to track certrain button clicks - which could happen on a lot of pages. And I would like to know on which page this happens. The events-call to matomo has the url of the page in it. So it should be available. But I’m not able to show it.
So how can I show this information?

I presume you use the Custom report premium plugin…
The solution is using an action custom dimension containing the page title.
As custom dimensions are linked to the actions (unlike Page Title) you can now create a custom report with the custom dimension containing the page title AND the event…

We do not yet use the Custom Report premium plugin. But it looks like we’ll have to - for different reasons.

If I understand it correctly I have to use one of the Action Custom Dimensions for sending the page title (or url or whatever identifies the page) with every event? Is that correct?

Am I the only one who is really confused here? Matomo (being Piwik before) is no completly new tool. And the more I try to get into it the more things I find that are either not possible or complicated and not intuitive or require additional premium plugins (I do understand that Matomo needs to earn some money). So if this tool would perform better for “standard things” like searching (who put the report search field at the bottom of a report?), drilldown (not possible), “some” report customization I would easily agree to buying a premium plugin. But Matomo feels so very uncomplete. And now I need some strange workaround to see the page an event happened on.

Sorry but this feels wrong.

As you previously wrote, the URL is available, but not the page title. On Google Analytics it is worse: even the page URL is not available with events!

If the url is available, how can I show it in the events report?

Available… But in Custom report premium plugin… :roll_eyes: