Events into log

(Alvaro) #1

Hello to all!
I am new in this world, I deploy my test enviroemtn, and I am interesting in to have all js events into a log, is there any way to js send data to log?

thanks in advance!

(Kuba Bomba) #2

Yes, you can. Just configure your tracking server to gather access log files. The only thing you need to start capturing logs is piwik.js file and a standard tracking code.

(Alvaro) #3

ok, and how can i do this? is there any example in the documentation?

(Alvaro) #4

In my environment I have a centos 6 with php, apache and mysql.
This js is tracking into apache logs? or in other location? I activate the logs of piwik, but i think this logs is for performance and monitor service of platform no the piwik.js
thanks in advance

(Kuba Bomba) #5

I meant apache access logs (requests to piwik.php resource). Such logs can be then replayed with log importer and --replay-tracking option.

(Alvaro) #6

ok, but my question is, the info that send piwik.js (user-agent, userid, event tracker…) is stored too into access log?

(Kuba Bomba) #7

Yes. It’s available either in the GET parameters of the request or in a separate field in the access log file.