Event tracking on https://www.eersel.nl/

Hey there, on https://www.eersel.nl/ I’m using two trackEvents. There are actually two click possibilities on this page, but I don’t see any click events recorded in my logs as Visitor Log and under Behaviour - Evens.

Piwik is loaded.
I’ve done everything as the docs say.

Am I missing something? Is the Eventtracking a seperate plugin?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Swan ,

I don’t have a solution to your problem. It should work in theory, can you maybe share the exact URL and kind of event that should be tracked?

BUT I have a warning for you:

The HTTPS certificate you are using is by GeoTrust, a brand of Semantec. Last year it became published that the Certificate Authority that signed your certificate didn’t take security as serious as they should have. Therefore all browser vendors decided to kick the root certificate out of the trusted list. Which results in your HTTPS certificate to also not be considered valid anymore.

Thankfully this is a really slow and gradient process, but it is already nearly over. All browsers already show warnings to developers, but starting with Firefox 63 (release date: October 23) and chrome 70 (October 16) the certificates will be considered fully invalid.

TLDR: If you don’t change your SSL certificate immediatly, your website will be completly broken in the next firefox and next chrome release.

My Tip: Switch to a let’s encrypt certificate. It saves you hassle and allows you to use HTTPS everywhere.

More info: