Event tracking in Real Time and custom dimension


I need some RT tracking for custom events AND custom dimensions.

The use case is filtering RT graph with a specific value of a custom dimension (typically a new product_id we need to monitor).

Any pointer is wellcome !


To track custom events and dimensions in real-time, consider using tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Amplitude. Set up a custom dimension to capture the desired value (e.g., product_id). Integrate the chosen tool into your app or website using their provided SDKs or implementation guides. Utilize the real-time monitoring features to filter and visualize data based on the custom dimension. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


GA does RT and custom dimension but not both.

matomo does not RT event ?

I’ll check Mixpanel and Amplitude

Hi @Quazarzero
Matomo does not provide real time on custom dimensions.
The only real time provided is visit logs. But if you configure the data archiving on short period, you can approach the real time on the daily metrics.