Event total number metric in Custom Reports

Hi guys !

I’m sorry to post in the Forum for a subject that may seem quite obvious… but I’m struggling, and I can’t find an answer in existing posts…

Here’s the deal :

I’m simply trying to build a simple Custom Report with :

  • Report Type : Table

  • As Dimension :
    ** Event Name

  • A Metrics :
    ** Total Number of Events
    ** Number of Unique Events

And I cannot find those metrics in the list… Is there another terminology used ? (I’m using Matomo in French… maybe a translation issue ?)

Thanks a lot for any tip !

If I remember well, in the past, there were some translations problems with Custom Reports… I don’t remember if it is still the case (Which versions of Matomo / Custom Reports do you use?)
Maybe you could try change your user language and see if the problem is still there…

Personally, Version: 4.3.1
Total Number of Events → Hits
Number of Unique Events → Noms D’évènementUnique

If this doesn’t work, and because it’s about some premium plugin, don’t hesitate to contact the support team by email.

Hi @LaurentN thanks for reaching out.

You can use the Dimension “Event Name”

And the following Metrics:

  • “Total Events”
  • “Unique Event Names” OR “Unique Event Actions”

Hope this helps.

Hi Varun,

Thanks for your suggestion.
I tried it … but I really have a doubt ;
Let me share what I observe :

On the Custom Report I’ve prepared according to your suggestion I get :

And when I just go to the standard Behaviour / Events report, for the same Events I get :

So I’m really confused… and having doubts…

Basically the custom report I’m trying to get is the same as the standard, just with an extra condition/filter.
So I should get the the same figures…

Thanks for any idea

best rgds

Hi Philippe,

I’m on the Cloud version.

… It’s very confusing.
I was thinking this custom report could be done in a few clicks… I wasn’t expecting to struggle :slight_smile:

Hi @LaurentN as this is in relation to Matomo Cloud. Could you please get in touch via support@matomo.cloud

Please also review: https://matomo.org/faq/reports/create-and-analyse-custom-reports/#report-filter
To learn more about Filters in Custom Reports.

Hi @V.K

I will indeed get in touch with the support ; but I beleive that this subject, and I hope, it’s solution would be interesting for all the forum users.

I’ll let you know what they say.

best regards


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