Event in custom reports

In order to push events to a data lake (power BI), I need to create a custom report that has “event category”, “event action” and “event name” as dimensions and “event” as metric (such as in the dedicated “Events” report) to get the number of times each event has been fired.
Unfortunately, I can’t find “event” metric.

Hi @bollivier
How do you integrate data in powerBI? Directly form the MySQL daabase?
If so, the documentation is there:

I wanted to share the export URL of the custom report. I don’t have many technical skills, I am not aware of the different ways to export the events data to powerBI.

Hi @bollivier
You’ll be able to find some ways to export data there:

Hello, thanks @heurteph-ei but I did not find any answer in this doc.
I still need to show the number of times each event has been fired in a custom report. Does anyone have a solution?