Event Customer Variables Location In DB

I’m working on creating my own plugin with a “MixPanel Live View” UI for events. Basicly, I am trying to pull all the events, and their customer variables from the database.

I’ve been able to pull the events and display those in a data table just fine. But, when I set a custom variable for an event (from the tracker on my site), I can’t seem to find those values in the database. I’ve been looking, and piwik_log_link_visit_action seems like the most logical spot, but no luck.

I am using the latest beta Piwik (from about a week ago).

		$i = 1;
		foreach ($info as $aName => $value){
			$this->piwik->setCustomVariable($i, str_replace('$','',$aName), $value, 'event');
			$i ++;
		echo "</pre>";
		$eventTracker = $this->piwik->doTrackEvent('Base', $name);

This will:

  • dump out the 1st custom variable, so I know it is being tracked.
  • cause a new event to show up in Piwik, so I know that event is being tracked

I’ve tried tracking the event before and after the setCustomVariable call, but no luck.

Thanks for your help.