Event category, action, name and value


I am writing a plugin that should track all actions/events that visitor makes. I registered to Tracker.recordAction and receive action info in $visitAction. The only problem for me that it has IDs and not real values. For example, calling in client JavaScript

_paq.push(['trackEvent', 'category1', 'action1', 'name1', 'value1']);

will give me IDs and not real values.

	"idvisit": "79",
	"idsite": 1,
	"idvisitor": "af30961fb37659b4",
	"idaction_url": "21",
	"idaction_url_ref": 0,
	"idaction_name_ref": 0,
	"server_time": "2015-04-10 13:25:58",
	"time_spent_ref_action": 0,
	[b]"idaction_event_action": "33",
	"idaction_event_category": "34",
	"idaction_name": "35",[/b]
	"idlink_va": "335",

How can I get real values of event’s category, action, name?
How can I get the value of this event?

I browse an API and could not find any suitable method. May be I need to register my plugin to a different API?


Does anybody has some clue where to look for the values?


I have the same question