Even tracking not working

I’m trying to track button click events with Matomo tag manager but nothing is being recorded. I followed these steps:

Assume that the button has an ID menu-item-97

  1. Created a new tag with Matomo Analytics type.
  2. Filled out these fields as:
    Name: MenuClick Interaction
    Matomo Configuration
    Tracking type: Event
    Event category: MainMenu
    Event Action: ClickAction
    Event Name: AboutUs
    Event value: n/a
  3. Created a new trigger with:
    Type of trigger: All elements click
    Only trigger when: Click ID equals menu-item-97
  4. Published to live

I have checked the site ID and it is correct and container ID is also correct. But event is not being recorded when the button is pressed. Is there any mistake in my tag creation?

Well, I don´t see anythinh wrong with the code. Have you tried the preview mode to se that your tag is fired when you click on the menu?