Evaluating Piwik for enterprise use for collecting data


I am very pleased to see such a nice package what Piwik offers and I think it would satisfy our needs for statistical analysis. But we would like to transfer all the Piwik’s collected data to our data warehouse ( or big data system ) where we could analyze our users more closely.

I will continue my evaluation further by installing it to some server and test it, but I would like to know answers for couple of my questions.

  1. Is there some aggregation done when log files are read to the database? In other words, is some information lost, mostly I am intrested in custom variables and unique id’s.
  2. I have seen some information here in this forum that there are websites tracked with millions of visitors per day. Is that aggregation what makes it possible to save all that data to normal relational database?
  3. What you think: would Piwik work well for collecting data for Big Data purposes from several dozens of different domains with millions of users per day?

Definitely, Piwik will scale to large traffic. Please contact us in case you need help: We offer support subscriptions for businesses worldwide to make the most out of Piwik analytics. - Analytics Platform - Piwik