EU routing for Matomo Cloud

We’'re using Matomo Cloud on two different websites and when using we can see that the following script is accessed via the american amazon servers: g.src = ‘//’;

We are wondering if there’s any way of forcing this to go through a european server instead, when using Matomo Cloud. We do not want our data filtered through a US server.

Thanks so much! //R

Hi there,

You have two options.

  • Host the matomo.js file locally, however you won’t have any updates to the file.
  • remove the CDN and collect the file directly from your Matomo in Germany.


Hi Jason, Thanks for your reply.

How would one go to find the correct URL to option 2? The only available url for us is, is there another that i’m missing?

Thanks. R

In your tacking code replace

<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>

With yoursubdomain being the subdomain you used when you signed up.