Errors with PHP 7.4.1

Hello there,

I have a lot of errors using Matomo 7.4.1.

I did not find a way to attach screenshots to show the problems I have.

I read in the forum that Matomo is compatible with PHP 7.4. What about 7.4.1?

Please do you have a solution to solve my problems?

Thank you in advance
Amar Guillen


Most 7.4 bugs were fixed in Matomo 3.13, but some slipped through. They will be fixed in 3.13.1.

Thank you Lukas for your reply.
I am looking forward to getting the new version. I can not check anything because I have some many errors. The screen is not readable.

Thanks for all
Amar Guillen

If you can’t wait, I think there is already a beta version for it that should include most fixes.

Hello Lukas,

I installed the last beta. It works perfectly. All the errors disappeared.
Thanks a lot. This is really great.

Amar Guillen

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