Errors after manual Upgrade to 0.6.4

(b0ehli) #1


After the Upgrade from 0.6.3 to 0.6.4 i’ve got various Errors:

1."$ is not defined" in 2. "$ is not defined" in

3. “$ is not defined” in

$(document).ready(function() {
214 // this will trigger to change only the period value on search query and hash string.
215 $("#otherPeriods input").bind(‘click’,function(e) {
216 var request_URL = $(“value”);
217 var new_period = broadcast.getValueFromUrl(‘period’,request_URL);
218 broadcast.propagateNewPage(‘period=’+new_period);
219 return true;
220 });

After rollback to 0.6.3 the page is back in normal state.

Any suggestions out there? Pls help.

thanks in advance


(vipsoft) #2

We expect mbstring.func_overload = 0.

Can you check your php.ini or phpinfo(), and tell us if mbstring.func_overload is non-zero?

(Dahousemix) #3


I had the same issue with automatic update. It seems like it’s the javascript temp file that can’t be loaded because in my case the javascript tmp file couldn’t be accessed.

I fixed it with chmod 755 the asset directory in the tmp directory

(b0ehli) #4


mbstring.func_overload = 0 is written in the php.ini

Even the newest Build produces this errors on my windows-system.