Error with GeoIP


I installed the linux version 1.9.3-b7 of piwik
I can not run the geolocation despite the activation of the “plugin” GeoIP
GeoIP plugin version (installed with version 1.9.3b-7) is 0.17
When I go to “settings” “Geolocation” it is impossible to select “GeoIP PHP” or “GeoIP” PECL or “GeoIP” Apache, these products are displayed as "Not Installed"
GeoIP to install linux on the server, I next following operations:

  • Installation of:
    1.4.8-1.el5 installed GeoIP.x86_64
    php-pecl-1.0.8-3.el5 installed geoip.x86_64

  • Change php.ini geoip.custom_directory = / path / to / piwik / misc

  • Recovery of the database

What can be the reason why it does not work?

thank you for your help

GeoIP plugin is installed with version 1.9.3-b7
I followed the instructions: / / Plugin using GeoIP to accurately detect visitor countries, cities, and continent · Issue #5465 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub