Error While Upgraded 3.90 and No Database Update Request

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Yesterday, i upgrade my piwik from 3.8 to 3.9…
But unfortunatelly i getting error message, PHP error code… in my browser…
After that MATOMO was updated, but not showing Database Upgrade

In my experience, while update matomo. It request database update…
Matomo can work normally tracking my visitor.
But in system setting it show some error, before i only see 2, for not it 4 errors…

Last Successful Archiving Completion
Forced SSL Connection (3.8), when i fixed this matomo archiving report as realtime and make slowdown my respon server
Filesystem (3.8)

And i see increased in respon server time from 1,45 to 1.77… for 2000 visitor was tracking now… I think if i don’t mistake, caused by database error LOAD DATA INFILE not avalable… actually in 3.8 i dont see Databse issues

Please Help

Was it by chance this one:

I can’t promise this to be true, but I think this update doesn’t include changes that need database upgrades.

Got the same error… After reloading page, Matomo seems to have been updated anyway…
Really scary.