Error while archive.php tries to generate monthly report

I upgraded to 2.2 fast – and some days later (at the end of april) the problems begins: The daily and weekly report works without any problems, but no data for the month. CoreConsole says (after about 8 minutes working after the daily/weekly reports, which only last 11.4 seconds for monday and the few hours of tuesday) - even after upgrading to 2.2.1 and trying again today:

INFO CoreConsole[2014-05-06 08:24:20] [10411] ERROR: Got invalid response from API request: The response was empty. This usually means a server error. This solution to this error is generally to increase the value of ‘memory_limit’ in your php.ini file. Please check your Web server Error Log file for more details.

Increasing memory does not help. In syslog I found:
kernel: [6384318.127657] php5[17858]: segfault at 7f2ee5c68e68 ip 00000000006bddfd sp 00007fff7e3216f0 error 4 in php5[400000+6f4000]

I use pure Debian 7.5 (amd64).

Any idea?

Did you up the memory in php.ini? Check teh mem syntax to ensure its right. Also a couple links with similar issues maybe a hint in one of them?

Maybe try upgrade to latest PHP version as segmentation fault is usually a bug in core PHP or an extension

With 2.2.2 it’s still the same: error (segmentation fault). So I’ll hope it’ll work again by chance with a further version of Piwik. Cause with 2.1 it works too :wink:

(Upgrading to latest php is no option for me – to much work and maybe problems with other software / php modules which work fine now as Debian delivers them. And as long as daily reporting works with piwik I prefer to live without monthly reports than to have the work with upgrading PHP.)

which php version are you using?


The error occurred with the php version shipped with Debian Wheezy 7.5 (5.4.4-14+deb7u9).

Today I upgraded to php 5.4.28 via the debian-packages provided by cause every php-module I needed is provided by and so it was really easy. For today I only upgraded php, not mysql (I thought: do not change too much :wink:
And now piwik archiving works again :))) So it really was some kind of bug in php which is not solved in debian stable.