Error when trying to use Matomo's feedback feature

Recently Matomo started showing a green button at the top of the admin area called “What is your main goal for using Matomo?”

I wanted to take advantage of this, so I clicked the button, entered some feedback, and clicked the submit button.

After doing so, I get the error shown in the screenshot:

“Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data. Please try again. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your Matomo administrator for assistance.”

I’ve tried logging out and back in, and closing the browser tab and opening a new one, but the error persists.

I’ve also enabled logging per this article: - and installed the Log Viewer plugin - but nothing is added to the log file after reproducing this error.

Any idea why this is happening?