Error when trying to install Piwik



I’m getting the following error on the first/welcome screen when trying to install Piwik and i’m unable to continue the installation.

Unknown: write failed: Disk quota exceeded (122)
in ‘Unknown’ at the line 0

#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(2, Unknown: write failed: Disk quota exceeded (122), Unknown, 0, )

It seems that its a problem with the configuration of my server. Does anybody know how to fix it?



It seems to be saying that you are over the space quota that was assigned to you by the server administrator.


I did look into the disk space quota assigned. I have a VPS with WHM/Cpanel installed and i have no quota on the account and there is plenty of free space on the server.

It does seem to be a PHP or permission error. Any hints on how to fix it are appreciated.

(tlitody) #4

space allocated for you may be different for web and MySql os that is one possibility. The other is that you haven’t created your database and Piwik is trying to do it with the wrong userid. If that is the case, then create the database schema manually and then piwik will just create the tables in it when you install.