Error when specifying url for a website


When I create a website entry in Piwik, I have problems putting this “” into the url list. I got this error every time: “Oops… problem during the request, please try again.”

If I put in a different url, it accepts no problems.

I also have created many other websites without issues too.

Please help why the domain “” failed to be accepted by Piwik!


Check your server error logs?

I have turned on firebug, and I found that it’s giving an 403 error when doing /piwik/index.php post. when the url is I have also tested it by putting the url “” (which is not the url I need), then it works fine. I think there’s a very strange bug that is rejecting “”.

I also am not able to track traffic for “” for weeks, where all of my other websites are doing ok:

I have piwik tracking for many websites, but I have problems tracking one particular website with piwik, and when I use firebug, and look at the trace, I found that this line is returning 403 error:

Please let me know what I can do. I have been looking into this for the past few weeks, and I cannot figure out why. It seems only happens to this domain: “”. It seems strange, but piwik seems to rejecting this domain. I have piwik.php permission 644.

Also, I have put in the same website ID into other website’s tracking code, and it does indeed track traffic for other websites under the ID.

Again, some weird bug that’s blocking “”.

Please HELP!

All my other domains are tracking fine on the same piwik server.

Most likely there is a mod security rule n your server, or another security software that blocks these requests. please contact your web host