Error when log out after update 1.10


I have updated Piwik to version 1.10 and when y log out i see the next message.

There is an error. Please report the message (Piwik 1.10) and full backtrace in the Piwik forums (please do a Search first as it might have been reported already!).

Notice: Undefined index: login_logout_url in /home/user/public_html/piwik/plugins/Login/Controller.php on line 499

Backtrace -->

#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(…) called at [/home/user/public_html/piwik/plugins/Login/Controller.php:499]
#1 Piwik_Login_Controller->logout(…) called at [:]
#2 call_user_func_array(…) called at [/home/user/public_html/piwik/core/FrontController.php:138]
#3 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch(…) called at [/home/user/public_html/piwik/index.php:53]

With regards, Juan

Same here (using piwik via https).,99414

I think this solution might help.

The path solves the problem. Thanks!

Should be fixed in 1.10.1 ?