Error since 1.11.1

Hi all,

I have a problem, since the last update to 1.11.1 that I face this error I already found some topics here in the forum.

Mostly the problem was solved by simply de-activating a plug-in…problem with my configuration is, that this is not the case here…

Can somebody help me out on this?

Thx !

Clear tmp/templates_c?

did that…cleared the browser cache…no success… -.-

Can you try and re-upload Piwik 1.11.1? Backup the config/config.ini.php before and copy it back after re-upload.

Did the “hardcore”-version…deleted the whole folder…re-installed and copied the config.ini.php in the folder again…now it works…doesn t solve the issue…but my problem :wink:


Could you up the php.ini memorry settings?

It’s not a memory problem.