Error: Piwik is already installed. on new installation

Brand new install of 2.15.0 installation wizard stalls at Database creation. If there is no db created yet, I get told SLQ cannot connect. If I create an empty db I get the message “Error: Piwik is already installed.”

What gives? I have created a stub config.ini.php file with the db connection settings in it. The db user has all privileges on the piwik db. This makes no sense. So much for 5 minute install.

Read instructions: Installing Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo
there is no need to create file yourself (and install does take 5min)

I had the same issue. I’m on piwik 2.16.0, php 7.0.4, mariadb 10.1.12.

I figured I could work around the issue if I could somehow dump the database of a working piwik installation and import it into my own server. I did this by creating a temporary account on heliohost, using Softaculous from the cpanel to install piwik, then dumped the working piwik database and imported it back into the database on my own server.

A rather roundabout thing to do, but it worked for me.