Error - piwik_archive_array

As far as I know nothing changed on our server, database or anywhere else. I just refreshed the page after an hour and this happened:

Piwik_Archive_Array_IndexedBySite::getDataTableFromNumeric() algorithm won’t work if data is stored in different tables

Already searched Google and FAQ but haven’t found anything.

Any idea?

Exactly the same issue here - certainly nothing changed. The issue was noticed today.

And today it works again?!

Exactly. Yesterday and today it worked again. No changes at all.

BTW: I filed a bug at: Piwik_Archive_Array_IndexedBySite::getDataTableFromNumeric() algorithm won't work if data is stored in different tables · Issue #2687 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I hit this error today. Yesterday all was fine, and my database is up and running.

I did notice a few tables had negative record counts… but they all check out well.

I needs my stats fix!

I am getting this error too today? What was the resoluton?

This bug goes away after 1 hour or 2 usually, did the time change in your timezone recently?

Yes, the problem went away without me doing anything…
There was no time zone change as far as I know.

But problem seems to be on a date range issue.