Error: Permission denied to access property 'Piwik_Overlay'


I’m trying to view the overlay and get the following error on my firebug console:

Error: Permission denied to access property 'Piwik_Overlay'

Then an error message pops up which says:

Error: Sie können auf diese Ressource nicht zugreifen, da es mindestens ‘view’-Rechte für die Webseiten-ID 1 benötigt.

Or in english (by my translation):

Error: You cannot access this ressource, as it requires at least ‘view’-permission for website-ID 1.

That’s strange since I’m accessing piwik as administrator.

Piwik 1.12 is running under

The website url is

Any ideas?

Regards, haggins

Can you try with 2.0 alpha, this bug was fixed I believe Index of /

I just installed piwik-2.0-a14 but get exactly the same result.

Can I provide further information?

Hi @haggis, can you try viewing Overlay on Chrome? It will give a clearer error message.

As for the cause, I think perhaps your piwik.js file is stored on a different server than your piwik install. For example, if your website is using a piwik.js from and you're viewing Piwik from Or possibly you might be using different protocols (ie, http to get piwik.js and https to view Piwik). The root of the problem is a protocol/domain mismatch in how your site gets the piwik.js file and how you view Piwik.

Let me know if this helps or you have questions.

Hey capedfuzz,

thank you. I got it running now! The problem was/is that I accessed Piwik via “”. But Piwik itself tried to load the website within overlay via “”. So the problem was in fact a domain mismatch and when I go to “” instead, everything is fine.

Thanks again, haggis