Error on upgrade to 2.17.1 from 2.17.0 - how can I go back?

I was on 2.17 and saw the message about upgrading to 2.17.1 and went for the automatic upgrade.

However very quickly it came back with an error page because PHP is not on the right version - other upgrade messages had realised that I couldn’t upgrade (I’m on 5.4.16 and won’t be able to change that for a period of time) so I hadn’t realised that this one through the UI would just let me press on when it wasn’t viable.

Now I find that even trying to login is not possible, because all pages I can access are giving the error. Is there anything basic I can do to reset it? (I have simple access to the server, so I could edit a file in the piwik folder, but I can’t do something complicated like roll back to an earlier backup or fix the PHP version)

Any help greatly appreciated (barring stuff I’ve stated can’t be done - ie I cannot upgrade PHP :frowning:


Even details of where I could find how far it got would be good (I’ll be looking for them in the documentation myself, but if there’s anyone who knows, I’d be grateful for the time saved, as the site’s now effectively down so I need to try to fix this ASAP)

OK - I see what’s happened (not that this is a solution!)

I clicked the small pop-up in the top right that indicated that I should upgrade to 2.17 .1 but somehow this has triggered my installation trying to upgrade to 3.0.0 and because of the PHP version requirement that my installation does not meet, it has failed.
The version showing from within /core/Version.php is 3.0.0
Kind of annoying - if I’d known to need to be more careful I would have been, but no use crying over spilt milk!!!

I’m guessing it’s non-trivial to undo the changes to put it back to 2.17?

Does anyone know if I do later manage to get PHP upgraded what steps need to be taken to pick up the upgrade process from where it got to? (anyone been there and done that?)

Since the DB upgrade hasn’t yet run, it should be possible to go back to 2.17.1. direct download here:
we have an opened ticket about this bug so hopefully we can tackle it!