Error on Goals

(ibo) #1

Hi Everyone!

I’m having the following error on the goal page since update to 1.4 (currently I’m using 1.5)

I searched but didn’t find anything…

(vipsoft) #2

allow_multiple was a column added to the goal table in Piwik 1.2.5.

please refer to core/Updates/1.2.5-rc1.php and your existing piwik_goal table.

(ibo) #3

Thanks for the reply. But how do I change this? :slight_smile:

The content of core/Updates/1.2.5-rc1.php is as follows:

 * Piwik - Open source web analytics
 * @link
 * @license GPL v3 or later
 * @version $Id: 1.2.5-rc1.php 4304 2011-04-04 05:04:56Z matt $
 * @category Piwik
 * @package Updates

 * @package Updates
class Piwik_Updates_1_2_5_rc1 extends Piwik_Updates
	static function getSql($schema = 'Myisam')
		return array(
		    'ALTER TABLE `'. Piwik_Common::prefixTable('goal') .'` 
		    	ADD `allow_multiple` tinyint(4) NOT NULL AFTER case_sensitive' => false,
		    'ALTER TABLE `'. Piwik_Common::prefixTable('log_conversion') .'` 
				ADD buster int unsigned NOT NULL AFTER revenue,
		    	ADD PRIMARY KEY (idvisit, idgoal, buster)' => false,

	static function update()
		Piwik_Updater::updateDatabase(__FILE__, self::getSql());

(JulienM) #4

You need to extract by hand the SQL query from that file and execute it via your DB admin console (PHPMyAdmin or the like).

(ibo) #5


Thanks for the response but I have no idea, how to do that :slight_smile: Can someone explain how I can do that?